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Casey Campbell

This is the part where I tell the world about me ~


Hi… I’m Casey and I’m a ThetaHealer® , Theta Healing Instructor®, and Heart Presence Activator.

Here's what I'm famous for:

I am here to reawaken hearts to the truth of the love that we are, and the magic of life.

I'm a Theta Healer which means I use my intuition + the theta brainwave state to help you change your limiting subconscious beliefs into empowering ones (so that your whole life gets better).

Plus, I help you heal the trauma that brought those unhealthy patterns into being in the first place. 

It's my honour and delight to work with people mostly online, all around the world, via Zoom, or telephone. 

Besides that I love hanging out on Instagram Stories with Valentine (my super cute doggo), I'm a Virgo, I see hearts everywhere, I love swimming lakes, things that sparkle and shine, and The Chateau Diaries on YouTube.


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