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Casey truly is magical.

She is sweet as pie and has a pure, comforting angelic presence. I always feel pink and sparkly after working with her. The best thing about working with Casey is her crystal clear connection to divine source and her openness to going to the strange and radical places I need to go to in order to fulfill my soul’s desires. As a ThetaHealer myself who is very dedicated to my healing work, I know I can always count on Casey to help me fill in any intuitive gaps I may have missed and take my healing to the next level with absolute ease and grace.

Dr. Joanna Perkins, Canada

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The Theta Healing sessions I have experienced with Casey have been out of this world and truly transformational.

Every session has always exceeded any expectations (even though I try not to have any) and has taken me on an unexpected journey into myself that was absolutely perfect and just what I needed to heal and invoke inner change to move me forward. Casey has such an amazing talent and gift for this world, she truly shines a brilliant light of love and compassion and is so deeply connected to the Divine Source for healing and miracles to occur. So if you have been led to her and are wondering if to book a session, please take it from me that this is a sign to dive right in and do it. You won’t regret it, I promise that with my mind, body, and soul.

Lamanda Brown, NZ

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Best of all, she has helped me to love myself.

Casey is such a loving and gentle soul, creating an amazing sense of safety and love to dive deep into feelings and thoughts. My relationships within my family have improved so much I can’t remember the last argument we had. Best of all, she has helped me to love myself. My sense of inner peace radiates out into my reality and life flows so easily now. It is easy to see the magic of every day, and know that I am worthy of having a magical life. Thank you Casey!

Katie Kieffer, USA

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I discovered a very sensitive and gentle but powerful healer and friend.

Thank you so much for the Theta session you did with me a week ago…

It was so pleasant and comforting to meet you at this delicate time in my life…

The first thing I noticed about you as you went on Skype was your sensitive eyes…. That made me feel at home immediately. I knew I was talking to a real person. I felt held and supported during the session, and I am still feeling held by your kind presence. I am now starting to come into clarity after the session. I know now that I am in a time of great change, and that I need to flow with the waves, letting myself not know… taking things as they go. Also, I feel more strong and confident that I will heal my inner child with time ~ thank you for supporting me in this knowing.

Lilach, Israel

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Casey Campbell at Today Is Magical is a true miracle worker

She is a total master in her craft of Theta Healing and I am so incredibly grateful for her support and friendship today.” #paradigmshift #thetahealing

Isabelle, Canada

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My theta healing sessions with Casey have been life-changing moments!

To tell the truth, I don’t remember the emotional topic that she helped me move beyond and that’s the GOOD NEWS! 100% released of the emotional distress, stuck energies, stories, beliefs, past-life energies on an issue that I know really had me in its nasty grip at the time of our session. The issue is so cleared I can’t connect with it anymore mentally or emotionally. Isn’t that exactly what we are looking for? Casey can help you with it all!

Susan Elizabeth, Canada

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