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Prerequisite:   ThetaHealing Basic DNA Course


Includes: Advanced ThetaHealing:registered:  book by Vianna Stibel, Class Manual, scrumptious snacks, and the chance to cuddle with Valentine ~ my super cute dog  


Who is this class for?

You will love this class if you:


* want to expand on all the wonderful stuff you learned in ThetaHealing:registered: Basic DNA Course

* are curious about what will make you a more effective healer 

* you’d like to go deeper into identifying, and changing, the mental programs that have kept you stuck and unsatisfied

* would like to have a more magical life


What you will learn:


* The ThetaHealing method of Healing and Grounding

* A more comprehensive understanding of "Feelings and Belief Work”

* The 3 Rs - Rejection, Resentment, and Regret, and the effect these have on our manifesting results

* The Planes of Existence and how they influence us

* How to energetically clear outdated vows and commitments 

* How to facilitate “Sending Unconditional Love to Baby in the Womb” and “Repairing the Broken Soul” exercises

* How to release free floating memories connected with trauma, abuse, or surgery

* How to have a conversation with your Higher Self

* and much more! 


Certification:  Completion of this 3 day course means that you will be certified as a Theta Healing:registered: DNA Advanced Practitioner.  But if you simply want to take this class for the experience, or to gain new energetic tools and techniques for your own healing journey, that’s ace too. ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA Course

ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA Course

  • Refunds are not available. 

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