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Prerequisite: ThetaHealing Basic DNA & Theta Healing Advanced Course


Includes: Class Manual, delightful snacks, and the opportunity to hang out with the class mascot, Valentine ~ my sweetheart of a dog


Who is this class for?

You will love this class if you:


* want to supercharge the effectiveness of your healing sessions

* would like to release any fears around “digging” and gain more confidence in your ability to find the “bottom belief” 

* are thinking about taking other Theta Healing classes, as this is now a prerequisite 

* enjoy experiencing major positive shifts in your life, and in the lives of the people you do sessions for


What you will learn:


* How to easily get to the heart of an issue, instead of applying “band-aid beliefs”

* Eight ways of using the “digging” technique to identify the bottom belief, or feeling, connected with any issue

* How to transform subconscious blocks that you, as a practitioner, might have to the digging aspect of sessions

* What it's like to guide and allow a client to arrive at their own truth, rather than trying to figure it out


Certification:  Completion of this 2 day course means that you will be certified as a Theta Healing:registered: Dig Deeper Practitioner. But, if you simply want to take this class for the experience, or to brush up on your “digging” skills, that’s groovy too! 

ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper

  • Refunds are not available. 

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