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Prerequisite: No previous experience necessary. 


Includes: Theta Healing book by Vianna Stibel, Class Manual, scrummy snacks, and the chance to snuggle with Valentine ~ my sweet dog  


Who is this class for? 

You will love this class if you:


* want to decrease stress, and increase happiness, peace, and wellbeing 

* you’d like to stop living in the past and start co-creating your experience of life through intention 

* get overwhelmed by fear, anxiety, depression, sadness, or worry, and wish your life could be different

* are excited by the prospect of activating/enhancing your intuition

* would like to have fun


What You Will Learn


* The 5 Brainwave States - Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta, and the benefits of accessing the Theta state for this ultra effective way of healing

* A brilliant meditation that will take you almost instantly into the Theta state 

* How to receive crystal clear guidance in a reading, a personal healing, and a group healing with the Theta Healing technique. 

* How to identify limiting subconscious beliefs through muscle testing,and how to replace those fundamental beliefs with positive, empowering ones.

* Discernment around working with guides and angels

* How to uncover your biggest blocks,