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Prerequisite: ThetaHealing Basic DNA & Theta Healing Advanced Course, ThetaHealing Dig Deeper


Includes: Class Manual, Manifesting from the 7th Plane Meditation CD, yummy snacks, and cuddles with Valentine ~ my adorable dog : 


Who is this class for?

You will love this class if you:


* are tired of trying the same things, and hoping for different results

* want to become aware of, and resolve, the subconscious blocks that keep you from receiving what you really want

* have tried affirmations, vision boards, or positive thinking but haven’t yet discovered how to get your energy to match up with your manifesting list

* would like to make your life a zillion times more magical 


What you will learn:


* How to uncover, resolve, and replace your subconscious blocks on the Core, Genetic, History, or Soul level

* Why regrets and resentments could be interfering with your ability to align with your desires

* How to retrain your mind to support your intentions

* The importance of Divine Timing, and how it influences your abundance

* How to “remember your future”  [Sounds amazing, right? It is!]

* How manifesting in the theta brainwave state gives a fancy vip upgrade to your manifesting abilities 


Certification:  Completion of this 2 day course means that you will be certified as a Theta Healing Manifesting and Abundance Practitioner

ThetaHealing®: Manifesting and Abundance

  • Refunds are not available. 

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